variations on sensitive

variations on sensitive is a durational work for five dancers, premiered on October 18, 2014. It is an extensive encounter in space and time that gradually reveals patterns of structure and meaning. The work explores the structures of the choreographic while showing modes and conditions of dance as causes in themselves: to dance a dance is to go through the experience of dance’s horizon. In a sense, the piece contemplates the arrival of historic modernism through movement and the architecture of space. Choreography is organized in three parts and follows a durational piano composition titled November, created in 1959 by an American composer Dennis Johnson. The composition was unavailable for over fifty years, until pianist R. Andrew Lee manage to reconstruct it and subsequently released it in 2013. variations on sensitive are accompanied by a book published on this occasion, featuring a Croatian translation of Jacques Rancière’s text Moment of Dance.

The work was programmed by the Croatian Association of Artists and Meštrović Pavilion, a gallery for contemporary art in Zagreb. Designed by sculptor and architect Ivan Meštrović and built in 1938, the building has served several functions in its lifetime. Subsequently, it was transformed into the Museum of the Revolution in 1990 and now houses the Croatian Association of Artists.

“I spoke about variations on sensitive at a symposium in Paris, exactly at the moment in which the city streets were flooded with several hundred thousand people walking and protesting against the new labor act that was to be passed by the French Parliament. I saw a protester’s sticker reading: Utopiste debout, Rêve générale: a utopian has risen up, a general dream. In this sense, dancers persisting in a vertical position at the beginning of this piece, and at the end, now with eyes closed, perhaps dreaming the general dream, synthesized my experience in Paris, affirming utopia of the better world as still alive; an absent-minded and vertiginous utopia, banal and fragile utopia, multitudinous and heteroclite utopia, but nevertheless utopia of the autonomy of the world in which it will be unequivocally evident that we are all made of the same ‘matter.’ A matter irrevocably perishable but infinitely creative.” (Katja Šimunić, Journal for Dance Art Kretanja/Movements)

Duration: there are several different versions of this performance: from 120 minutes (two hours), over 150 minutes (two and a half hours), up until 180 minutes (three hours), always with no intermission. / Author, Concept, Choreography: Marjana Krajač / Danced by: Lana Hosni, Irena Mikec, Katarina Rilović, Irena Tomašić, and Mia Zalukar / Graphic Design: Valentina Toth / Technical Director: Duško Richtermoc / Sound Technician: Miroslav Piškulić / Technical Assistance: Leonardo Krakić / Communication: Anita Klapan / Produced by: Sodaberg Koreografski Laboratorij / Publication Editor: Igor Marković / Translation of the Edition: Dinko Telećan / We would like to thank: Jacques Rancière and Leonardo Kovačević / Supported by the residencies at Santarcangelo dei Teatri (Italy), Uferstudios/Tanzfabrik Berlin (Germany), and Zagreb Dance Centre (Croatia). Realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia and the City Office for Culture Zagreb, Zagreb Dance Centre, Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, and the curatorial board of Croatian Association of Artists, House of HDLU in Zagreb. / Curated and presented by the House of HDLU in Zagreb. / Performed at Symposium Poiesis and programmed by the Danceweek Festival in Zagreb. / program notes pdf