simple life

simple life, 40 solos by 4 dancers for 40 viewers

simple life places two subjects in its center: a viewer and a dancer that meet one-on-one. The work is a repertoire of forty short dances, made and performed by four dancers. There is one dance per viewer, performed only this one time. Each dance was accompanied by a notebook, made simultaneously with its dance as a diary and a navigation map while showing references, diagrams, drawings, and descriptions of the working process. The work thematizes the exceptional porosity of dance, a vast landscape of an encounter between a viewer and a dancer, but also, the economy of dance as labor, a labor of art, as well as an object, situation, and an event of art itself.

The work was created in a specific mode of choreographic practice. The forty solos were manufactured in three weeks, from July 6 to 27, in 2009. Consciously chosen short period intensified in daily creation practice, lasting from early morning until late in the evening. Dances were first conceptualized as drafts, developed into solos, which were then connected to the daily repertoires. The repertoires were structured into weekly series. Codes, ideologies, and discourses of a particular dance were the main axis of its choreographic structure. Such deliberate manufacturing flow produced a certain affirmative production pressure which eliminated various clichés and mystifications around a creation process. It affirmed the idea that creation is always a product, and sometimes a byproduct, of an organized, collective focus. Establishing an operating mode in which everyone is straining their creative, performative, and intellectual efforts to the maximum, the process itself became a performance, became performative. In its totality, this work leaves nothing behind but an event of dance, dance an sich, movement propelled only by structure.

simple life was commissioned by Zagreb Dance Company and Dance and Theatre Festival in San Vincenti (Croatia) and was premiered on July 26, 2009, in San Vincenti.

Duration: 120 minutes / Concept, Author, Choreography: Marjana Krajač / Dramaturgy: Marko Kostanić / Dancers and Co-authors: Pavle Heidler, Zrinka Lukčec, Maja Marjančić, Martina Nevistić / Collaboration on the project: Iva Korenčić / Collaboration on the project: Andreja Široki / Photography: Iva Korenčić / Documentation: Marjana Krajač / Commissioned by Zagreb Dance Company and Festival of Dance and Non-verbal Theatre San Vincenti in July 2009. Produced with the support of the ZKM Theatre in Zagreb, City Office for Culture Zagreb, and the Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia. /