40 solos, created and performed by four dancers

SIMPLE LIFE is a repertoire of dance solos, unique dances which are preformed only once: one dance for one spectator. It places two subjects in its center: a spectator and a dancer, which are meeting one-on-one in this direct and immediate act.

This work confronts and embraces an exceptional porosity of a dance medium, exclusivity of an executing of the final dance act that is always in the eye of a viewer and in the moment of a dancer’s presence. It contemplates around the question of the mode of the dance as a work of art and as an act of art itself.

SIMPLE LIFE was created in a specific modus of choreographic practice that proposed a singular dance as a primary and final choreographic surface. Creation of 40 solos took place from 6th to 27th of July 2009, in ZekaeM Theatre in Zagreb and at the Festival Venue in San Vincenti. Consciously chosen short period intensified further, in a sort of a dance manufacture, that took place daily from early morning until the late in the evening.

The prepared drafts of dances developed further in to the daily structures of created dances, that were then connected in to the performed daily repertoire, from which then the week series were constructed. Such precise production flow has produced a certain affirmative production pressure that eliminated diverse clichés and mystifications around the creation process, confirming the idea that creation is always a product, and sometimes a byproduct of the dedicated focus as a primary tool. Establishing an operating mode in which everybody is straining their creative, performative and concentration range to the limit, the process itself became a performance, became performative.

Codes, ideologies and discourses of a particular dance, as well as the relations that were created between the body – that is its carrier, and the viewer – that is its identifier, became a main axis of this choreographic structure. This work, in its totality, leaves nothing behind but solely an event of a dance, dance an sich, movement propellered only by structure.

SIMPLE LIFE was commissioned by Zagreb Dance Company for the Dance and Theatre Festival in San Vincenti and was premiered on 26th of July 2009.

Duration: 120 minutes / Realized in 2009 for Festival of Dance and Non-verbal Theatre San Vincenti. / Project commissioned by Zagreb Dance Company. / / Concept and choreography: Marjana Krajač / Dancers and creators: Pavle Heidler, Zrinka Lukčec, Maja Marjančić, Martina Nevistić / Dramaturgy: Marko Kostanić / Assistant and collaborator: Iva Korenčić / Collaborator in the project: Andreja Široki / Photos and design: Iva Korenčić / Lightning on a venue: Mario Vnučec / We thank: ZekaeM Theatre Zagreb and BADco. for technical support / / Realized with the support of City Office for Culture Zagreb and Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia.