koreografska fantazija br. 1: gray noise

koreografska fantazija no. 1: gray noise premiered on November 21, 2013 in Art Pavilion in Zagreb. The work was awarded the two most relevant Croatian awards in the field of performing arts: the Croatian Theatre Award for the Outstanding Choreographic Achievement and the Annual Award of the Croatian Dance Artists Association for the best choreography of the year.

The work explores choreography as pure manifestation while traversing histories of dance and their fluid memories. It plays with aesthetic ideas and their historic attainments but also their transformations and recontextualizations. A specific radicality of the piece is amplified by an autonomous sound concept. The soundscape of low and high frequencies as well as grey noises creates a hybrid and imaginative environment that oscillates between what is present and what is yet to arrive. In a sense, there is an alienation of the imaginative space and the consequences thereof are creating continuous and drifting loops in perception.

koreografska fantazija no. 1: gray noise was developed and premiered at the Art Pavilion in Zagreb. Art Pavilion is one of the oldest galleries in Southeast Europe, built in 1897, in stunning art-nouveau style. Throughout its history, the gallery presented artists ranging from the Earth Group Collective to George Grosz, Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin, Andy Warhol, Mimmo Rotella, Joan Miró, Auguste Rodin, Alberto Giacometti, and many others. It was under renovation works for a long time, that have completed in 2013.

Duration: 55 minutes / Author, Choreography, Concept: Marjana Krajač / Dancers: Lana Hosni, Irena Mikec, Mia Zalukar/Nika Lilek, Katarina Rilović, Irena Tomašić / Collaboration: Hrvoje Hiršl / Costume Design: Ogi Antunac / Sound Concept: Marjana Krajač / Sound Technicals: Miroslav Piškulić / Technical Director: Duško Richtermoc / Technical Assistance: Leonardo Krakić / Graphic Design: Valentina Toth / Communication: Anita Klapan / Production: Sodaberg koreografski laboratorij. Realized with the support of Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia, City Office for Culture Zagreb. Created with the support of Art Pavilion in Zagreb, Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, Zagreb Dance Center, and Tanzfabrik Uferstudios Berlin. / program notes pdf