dark landscapes

dark landscapes is a ballet for sixteen dancers commissioned by the Ballet of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb for the 2016/2017 season and the 2017/2018 repertoire. It premiered on November 11, 2016. The score was composed originally for this work by a multimedia artist Thomas Köner.

dark landscapes is a choreographic poem about intuitive structures and imagined spaces. The choreography is organized as a collective field of thinking, moving, and sensing through ballet vocabulary. Thematically, it projects itself toward fragments of the future, toward something which is hardly graspable, is both utopian and dystopian, in which the amplitudes of form replenish themselves by passing through time and sound. What eventually emerges is the confidence in the upcoming undefined: interpretively open undefined, still under construction. In other words, there is a possibility to trust through movement, through its edges, while creating a collective place of thinking, being, and imagining. Choreographically, the body creates a multitude of landscapes: objects of various volumes, spaces as objects or structures, time as a facilitator or an absence, but also: thoughts as objects or absences, emotions as volumes, forms as objects-in-time, or as knowledge-in-time, or as kinesthetic thoughts. In this sense, this ballet wants to open such possibilities, while articulating in several frames or reliefs a landscape of some kind of somber, formal, and transformative reach. It aims to imagine ballet as a vast landscape of traces, as a place of possibility with many yet-to-be-invented relations.

“I approached the development of music for dark landscapes in a multilayered way, to enhance responses and choices that are supported by the polyphonic sound. This approach is reflected in the structural process of the music, envisioned as an energetic flow, that enhances the multidimensional expression of the choreographic work. Marjana and I shared a somewhat futuristic and sharp vision of the score, where everything is in a state of becoming. The music for this piece has an inside and an outside. On the outside, there is a sonic narration, a pulsating musical experience that is enjoyable to listen to. On the inside, it is composed from a variety of sonic objects that move, appear, spin, and transform, that appear and disappear on stage. Each sonic object illuminates the range of its sound-colors: precise shapes that liquefy, sonorous bass lines that become dusty scrub, the whoosh of gases that freeze and shine.” Thomas Köner, Kyoto, November 2016.

“Dancers are a moving plasticity, a sign, a pulse, an imprint, and a footprint while constantly spatially transforming. During carefully organized improvisation, they are moving or standing, utilizing codes of classical ballet and abstract language of body positions, lines, and figures; but also sliding, changing locations with the flow of time, or are being moved through space like figurines. Marjana Krajač distilled from dancers concentrated and intense listening of their own place in the image and in the polyphonic resonance of a shift, that is quietly and continuously emerging from within the universe of a scene” (Maja Đurinović, Plesnascena.hr).

“Marjana Krajač has created a contemporary dance work that could equally be read as a possible dystopian romantic ballet. A maximum of technique in the performances of Asuka Maruo, Iva Vitić-Gameiro, Cristiana Rotolo, or Duilio Ingraffia, for example, adds to the clarity movement, touches of corporeality, soft gazes, hand gestures stretching out to something, to someone. All this creates a subtle narrative of the melancholy of flâneurs, meditative wanderers, and silhouettes of passengers, surrounded by the tense haze as if in the romantic painting. The dancers are given a chance to freely delve into an infinite archive of codified steps, turns, jumps, supports, or poses” (Katja Šimunić, Journal for Dance Kretanja/Movements).

Duration: 45 minutes / Choreography and Concept: Marjana Krajač / Music: Thomas Köner / Scenography and Costumes: Silvio Vujičić / Ballet Mistress: Suzana Bačić / Dramaturgical Support: Andrej Mirčev / Danced by: Asuka Maruo, Adam Harris, Cristiana Rotolo, Tomaž Golub, Iva Vitić Gameiro, Andrea Schifano, Lucija Radić, Takuya Sumitomo, Miruna Miciu, Kornel Palinko, Natalia Horsnell, Guilherme Alves, Rieka Suzuki, Duilio Ingraffia, Valentina Štrok, Ovidiu Muscalu / Concept of Light Design: Marjana Krajač, Silvio Vujičić / Light Design: Aleksandar Čavlek / Scenography Assistants: Ivan Škugor, Ante Serdar / Documentation and Photography: Karla Jurić / Stage Manager: Snježana Marasović / Sound Technician: Želimir Jedinak, Stipe Smokrović / Publication Editor: Elizabeta Kumer / Director of Ballet of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb: Leonard Jakovina / Ballet Production: Andreja Ružak Barbanov / Office Supervisor: Ksenija Balog / Ballet Ensemble Assistant: Romeo Novaković / program notes pdf