Premiered on July 9, 2019, CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 4: pas de deux is the newest work in the award-winning series (Croatian Theatre Award for the outstanding choreographic achievement and Annual Award of the Croatian Dance Artists Association for the choreographic achievement of the year) that considers choreography as intuitive and structural practice. While the dance exposes its fragility and its core, a sense of fluid memory is being created, that understands the form as articulation of aesthetic ideas and their historic attainments, but also their transformations and recontextualizations.

Performed by two and five dance artists; Sara Piljek & Marin Lemić and Marina Brajdić, Maja Jakuš-Mejarec, Iva Katarinčić, Nika Sarajlija and Dora Sarikaya, CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 4: pas de deux, explores a dance for two and its various contingencies. In the complex architectural environment of Zagreb’s downtown, the piece integrates direct material implications of the site’s structure as well as a specific piece of music composed by Alvin Lucier in 1977, titled Music on a Long Thin Wire.

CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY NO. 4: pas de deux unfolds as a meeting point of material, structural and temporal elements, but also of sound, surface and form, that continuously intersect with each other, as to grasp different ideas from which we learn about characters and textures of the environment that surrounds and defines us.

Music on a Long Thin Wire is a piece by Alvin Lucier composed in 1977, that was conducted as an experiment while he was teaching acoustics, by spreading a short metal wire across the lab table. Fascinated by the result, Lucier continued to think about different possibilities of this experiment, creating finally a portable instrument whose length and shape was adjustable to different spaces.

The very materiality that creates a sound resonated deeply with the central interest of this choreographic exploration, and the rich variety of analogue oscillations created the site of reflection about contingencies of the pure, imminent material structure.

The work is performed at the open-air site-specific location in Zagreb that is surrounded by a vast architectural landscape that spans over different historic, urban and social environments of the city.

Author, choreography, concept: Marjana Krajač / Danced by: Sara Piljek & Marin Lemić and Marina Brajdić, Maja Jakuš-Mejarec, Iva Katarinčić, Nika Sarajlija, Dora Sarikaya / Music: Alvin Lucier, “Music on a Long Thin Wire” / Photographs: Tjaša Kalkan / Documentation: Tjaša Kalkan, Matija Kralj / Design of graphic materials: Valentina Toth / Technical assistance: Leonardo Krakić / Technical director: Duško Richtermoc / Communication: Anita Klapan / Production and realization: Sodaberg koreografski laboratorij

Realized with the support of Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia and City Office for Culture Zagreb. Site-specific location: Public Garage at the BCI – Business Center International in Zagreb. Curated and programmed by the Zagreb Dance Center. Program Notes PDF