Workshop & sessions
Sessions of SENSITIVE DANCES propose any temporally and spatially structured movement as a complete, one-time, unique dance. Sessions accumulate a series of dances, refining some aspects, focus or ideas, and this accumulation serves as a substitute for the hierarchy, in the very broadest sense of the word.

This practice explores the emergence of a primary movement via expanded articulation protocols; movement that is light, fluid, effortless, articulated but comfortable. Movement that unites the body and is allowed to emerge from the moment and then to disappear in space. Movement that is looming, movement that is yet to become apparent, movement that is sometimes completely invisible but significant.

We are begining with the finer perceptions of a slower dynamics, continuing with entering diverse physical territories, linking space, movement and sensation. Then crossing over to the natural dynamics of a movement, dynamics that are inherent to the body, exploring the ways to launch its fluidity. Embracing gradually the understanding of space and time in which the body moves, understanding how these three instances, space – body – time, participate in the dynamics of what we call movement.

Diverse structural and technique protocols that are embedded in to the session allow each body to rearticulate itself, finding its own ways to more depth, inner strength and broader focus. Starting from the idea that movement is inherent to the body, that the body genuinely wants to move and be understood in the movement, this workshop deepens on many levels any existing physical practice.

Sessions & workshops of SENSITIVE DANCES have been held in numerous institutions and venues including Centre for Expanded Poetics at Concordia University (Montréal, Canada), MA program at Dance Department at Latvian Academy of Culture (Riga, Latvia), BA program at Dance Department at Academy of Dramatic Art – University of Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia), National Foundation for Dance (Belgrade, Serbia), Notafe Festival (Viljandi, Estonia), Santarcangelo dei Teatri (Santarcangelo, Italy), Prostor Plus (Rijeka, Croatia), Company training & process at Zagreb Dance Company (Zagreb, Croatia), Company training & process at Sodaberg Choreographic Laboratory (Zagreb, Croatia), rehearsal sessions at Uferstudios/Tanzfabrik (Berlin, Germany) and others.
Research lecture
Within the three-day program Exploded Views of Performance in December 2013, that presented research activities and artistic work of Jan Fabre (Troubleyn/Laboratorium), Chistine Gaigg, Emio Greco (ICKamsterdam), Wayne McGregor (Random Dance), the Motion Bank project by William Forsythe and work of BADco), I presented my research of some recent choreographic protocols that I have been developing.

Oscillating between kinaesthetic body potentials and its diverse performative output, there are numerous revealing research lenses in how choreography can be inscribed instead of being formed. Following a long-term research sessions of my recent works there are certain domains of the choreographic investigations that are still to be articulated.

On a few working examples I expose diverse principles of various choreographic inscribing procedures and how they shaped the notion of what a choreography can form and re-form. This can refer to something that is actually appearing in a sense of a performative structure or a movement but also, something that reaches towards a concept of a meta-phenomena and can be experienced only via intensification of an idea in a perceptional landscape below the zero-point.

Lecture presentation is of 60 minutes duration during which I talk and show some video examples.

Lectures and sessions of CHOREOGRAPHIC INSCRIBING have been held at institutions and venues including Dance Department at Academy of Dramatic Art – University of Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia), Academy of Arts in Osijek (Osijek, Croatia), Multimedia Institute in Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia) and others.