In March 2019, in White Studio of the Zagreb Dance Centre, as part of the programme Choreographic Fantasy no. 3: Performances & Talks, we documented a series of performances, that are now collected under the title Six Dances for Prepared Piano. The process-oriented structure, John Cage’s sonatas and interludes, and explorations of the symbolical space of a dance studio are some of the essential themes explored by this choreographic work, whose performances in this cycle were beginning at 5pm, offering therefore a different, daytime concentration of viewing.

Performed by five dancers: Filipa Bavčević, Marin Lemić, Silvia Marchig, Sara Piljek and Nastasja Štefanić, and under the working title of Open Processes, the work of Choreographic Fantasy no. 3 (which premiered in May 2018) is in a dialogue with John Cage’s Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano, encountering diverse elements of internal and external architecture in a dance studio set-up.

Six Dances for Prepared Piano documents six consecutive performances of Choreographic Fantasy no. 3 and the last recording documents a choreographic talk after the performance, with students of the State Conservatory for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb.

Link to the full collection is here.