Premiere in preparation: CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 3

CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 3 will be the new work in the award-winning series (Croatian Theatre Award for the outstanding choreographic achievement and Annual Award of the Croatian Dance Artists Association for the choreographic achievement of the year) that is considering the choreographic as an intuitive and a structural practice, evoking trust in the very essence of the dance medium, exposing its fragility and enhancing its core.

This new work, created under the working title Open Processes, considers dance as an affirmative production of memory, that is enabling understanding of form as an articulation of aesthetic ideas and their attainments, transformations and re-contextualizations. Created with five dancers; Filipa Bavčević, Marin Lemić, Silvia Marchig, Sara Piljek and Nastja Štefanić, it commits itself to dance as a process, re-establishing the tenets of historical modernism as the very aim of a dance work. By meticulous research of individual layers of the emerging dance, CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 3 offers an in-depth analysis of choreographic practice opening up new approaches to its continuous research.

Premiere is scheduled for 29th of May 2018, with further performances on 30th of May & 1, 2, 3, 4 of June 2018, at the Central Venue for Contemporary Dance in Zagreb – Zagreb Dance Center. It is realized with support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Zagreb City Office for Culture and in collaboration of Sodaberg koreografski laboratorij with Zagreb Dance Center.

More about CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 1 and CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 2 can be found here and here.