New publication seeing / vidjeti at Reading Dance Talks at Zagreb Dance Center in March 2019

Publication CHOREOGRAPHIC JOURNAL: seeing / vidjeti, by choreographer Marjana Krajač and editor Zee Hartmann, will be presented in the frame of the Reading Dance Talks at Zagreb Dance Center. Presentation is taking place on March 21, starting at 18:30, with contributions of Prof. Dr. Lada Čale Feldman from the Department of Comparative Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Zee Hartmann, dramaturg and editor of the book, Marjana Krajač, author and choreographer, and will be moderated by Srđan Sandić, curator and editor of the Reading Dance Talks.

Published in August 2018, CHOREOGRAPHIC JOURNAL: seeing / vidjeti, is a collection of essays about the choreographic process, its reflections and intellectual repercussions. Stylistically at the intersection of journaling, theory, pragmatic approaches to the artistic process and self-reflexive critical thinking, this collection of texts points toward a fresh possibility in dance writing by working choreographers.

More about the full program: here