JOURNAL is a process diary, monthly digest of choreographic work as well as containing reflections, dialogs, notes and contemplations. It subscribes itself to diverse formats and forms, changing as it goes along, and shaping itself out of the requirements of the moment at hand.
Intervju za seriju razgovora o koreografskim praksama u Zagrebačkom plesnom centru

Published: 09/05/19

Intervju za seriju razgovora i predavanja o koreografskim praksama i metodologijama rada u Zagrebačkom plesnom centru koju uređuje i vodi plesna kritičarka Ivana Slunjski.
Choreo-Scenographies and Heterotopias of Time

Published: 30/12/18

Diary of the project that I was mentoring this year at the Norwegian Theatre Academy at the Østfold University in Norway, that had its final presentation at the beginning of December 2018. A research at the crossroads of choreography, architecture and scenography, exploring an array of different aspects. Written by: Marjana Krajač
From the Inside to the Outside: A Dancer’s Reflection

Published: 06/11/18

New work of CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 3, that premiered in May 2018 in Zagreb Dance Center, accumulated numerous written traces. Created under the working title Open Processes, it subscribed itself to dance as a process, re-establishing some of the tenets of historical modernism. Performed in a dance studio to “Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano” […]
Floating Backgrounds

Published: 17/10/18

On backgrounds of choreographic becoming, personal histories and loneliness of the project. Written by: Marjana Krajač
It Is Necessary to Look at What Is Vital

Published: 30/07/18

In conversation with dance practitioner & choreographer Daria Faïn, by: Marjana Krajač
Seeing Things As They Are

Published: 20/06/18

The new work, CHOREOGRAPHIC FANTASY No. 3, premiered on 29th of May 2018 in Zagreb. Performed in a dance studio set up, choreography is meeting ‘Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano’ by John Cage, confronting diverse elements of inner and outer architecture. Written by: Marjana Krajač
Tensity of Unresolved Questions

Published: 07/05/18

We were closing the rehearsal week for a new work of Fantaisie Chorégraphique Series with an outdoor session at The Cube Building in Zagreb,constructed in 1968 by an iconic architect Ivan Vitić. Written by: Marjana Krajač
Camera Left Alone in a Dance Studio

Published: 22/02/18

This is a February contemplation about the dance studio and its inner imaginations. Empty spaces, spaces that are filling up with meanings by the protocols of choreographic and dance work are regularly occupying my interest; architectures of inner and outer senses, logics of inhabiting containers of space, presence and time. Written by: Marjana Krajač
Winter Season

Published: 02/02/18

A good part of January 2018 was taking place for me in New York City, upon the invitation of Woman in Dance Leadership Conference. I spent my last evening at the season-opening of the New York City Ballet with All Balanchine program, that somehow concluded a wide stream of thoughts that were swirling throughout this […]
What is this pas de deux about?

Published: 08/11/17

I am often asked the question of what is something about; what is this piece about, what is this work about. So in this writing let me try to go for it and to see what it is all about, taking one of my favourite formats – a pas de deux, and this is the […]
About Giselle in Zagreb

Published: 06/09/17

In this text I am taking you on the joyful ride throughout the beautiful book, Giselle in Zagreb by Mladen Mordej Vučković is guiding us from end to end of the last century and more, archiving all the dancers that danced the role of Giselle in this city. Written by: Marjana Krajač
Eikṓnic Memoire of Dance

Published: 16/08/17

A second part of a 3-part essay about structure & process of a ballet work DARK LANDSCAPES, premiered in November 2016, that I created with and for Ballet of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. Written by: Marjana Krajač
On Camera Left Alone in an Empty Room – Approached from a Choreographic Point of View

Published: 11/08/17

This text is an attempt to write down and fold together a 45-minutes long lecture performance and a research presentation in three parts that Katja Vaghi & Marjana Krajač created and performed for and during the Research Academy, in July 2017 at Zurich University of the Arts. Written by Marjana Krajač and Katja Vaghi.
Music for Horizontal Contemplation

Published: 25/07/17

A first part of a 3-part essay about structure & process of a ballet work DARK LANDSCAPES, premiered in November 2016, that I created with and for Ballet of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. Written by: Marjana Krajač
It Felt Good to Remember

Published: 24/07/17

VERKÖRPERUNG is a video research artefact created on July 17th 2017, at the Research Academy at Zürich University of the Arts. This text is a meta-data expanding on it; information and traces that are accompanying the segment, its research questions and memory traces.
Within the Transformation

Published: 16/05/17

Natalia Horsnell, a soloist of Ballet of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb in conversation with Marjana Krajač, about the choreographic process of a ballet DARK LANDSCAPES.
To the Inside

Published: 11/06/16

About Jiří Kylián’s ballet CLICK-PAUSE-SILENCE, performed by Staatsballett Berlin, on 4th of January 2016 at Staatsoper im Schiller Theater Berlin. Written by: Marjana Krajač
Naturalism Without a Recipe

Published: 03/01/16

About dance performance GLACIER by Silvia Marchig, Sonja Pregrad and Pavle Heidler, that premiered on 16th of September 2015 at ZKM Theatre in Zagreb. Written by: Marjana Krajač
Vježbe koreografskog predskazanja i romantika mašine

Published: 03/11/15

O mogućim ulazima u koreografsko mišljenje u radu KOREOGRAFSKA FANTAZIJA BR. 2, objavljeno u mjesečniku Utopija organizacije, u studenom 2015. godine. Napisala: Marjana Krajač
Ontologija pokreta u prostoru

Published: 30/05/15

O nekim aspektima rada KOREOGRAFSKA FANTAZIJA BR. 1, objavljeno u mjesečniku Utopija organizacije, u svibnju 2015. godine. Napisala: Marjana Krajač
Autonomni elementi forme

Published: 01/05/15

O baletu Hansa van Manena ADAGIO HAMMERKLAVIER, u izvedbi Wiener Staatsballett u Wiener Staatsoper u Beču, 13. svibnja 2015. Napisala: Marjana Krajač
Redefiniranje suvremenog plesa
Intervju za uoči premijerne izvedbe predstave KOREOGRAFSKA FANTAZIJA BR. 1, u studenom 2013.
Zahvalnost i glasine – in memoriam Milana Broš (1929. – 2012.)

Published: 17/11/12

Tekst objavljen u časopisu za plesnu umjetnost Kretanja, u ediciji posvećenoj opusu koreografkinje Milane Broš. Napisala: Marjana Krajač
Appropriation dansée du corps et de l’espace

Published: 17/08/12

About two choreographic works of Marjana Krajač: MANUAL FOR EMPTY SPACES and SHORT FANTASY ABOUT RECLAIMING THE OWNERSHIP OVER MY OWN BODY, published in 2012 in Journal for Dance Art Kretanja. Written by: Katja Šimunić (editor and dance theoretician)
Suspended Work of Certainty – A Spectators Preference Regarding the Performance Work Every Day

Published: 17/08/10

About the dance piece WORK EVERY DAY by Marjana Krajač, text published in 2011 in Performing Arts Magazine Frakcija #58/59. Written by Tomislav Medak (philosopher and cultural activist)
Međuprostori – prostori koreografske aktivacije u filmskom baletu Milka Šparembleka “Mlada žena i vojnik”

Published: 17/01/09

Tekst povodom simpozija u čast 80. rođendana istaknutog koreografa i baletnog umjetnika Milka Šparembleka koji je održan 2008. godine u HNK Zagreb, a koji je objavljen 2009. godine u časopisu za plesnu umjetnost Kretanja. Napisala: Marjana Krajač
What We Did This Summer

Published: 01/10/07

Process themes of the research with choreographer Meg Stuart on the project “Everyday Heroes/Extern Sources” at Impulstanz Festival in Vienna 2007. Written by: Marjana Krajač
All That We Together Decided is Dance

Published: 01/01/07

An interview with author, theoretician and artist Mårten Spångberg, published in 2007 in Magazine for Art and Culture Vijenac. Interviewed by: Marjana Krajač