choreographic journal: seeing/vidjeti

choreographic journal: seeing / vidjeti, published in August 2018, is a collection of essays about choreographic processes, its results, and its intellectual repercussions. It’s thinking about and along with dance, as a platform for conceptual phenomena that in their totality constitute the work of choreography and its various, expanded, fields of significance. At the intersection of journaling, theory, pragmatic approaches to the artistic process, and self-reflexive critical thinking, the collection of texts and its accompanying photographs engages dance writing by a working choreographer. choreographic journal: seeing / vidjeti is written mostly in English, with several texts in Croatian. Writings of the main author, choreographer Marjana Krajač, are joined by contributions from dance critic and theorist Katja Šimunić, and dancer Nastasja Štefanić. The collection was edited by dramaturg Zee Hartmann. Upon its release, it has received a substantial acclamation from the field as an important contribution to the work of choreographic text and extended choreographic practice.

Upon publishing in August 2018, the book was presented at Monoplay Dance Festival in Zadar (Croatia), at Norwegian Theatre Academy of the Østfold University in Fredrikstad (Norway), at the Dance Department of Tisch School of the Arts at the New York University (US), and at the Department of Theatre + Dance at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (US). In March 2019, the book was presented at Zagreb Dance Center (Croatia) as part of the Reading Dance Talks program.

Author: Marjana Krajač / Editor: Zee Hartmann / Contributors: Katja Šimunić, Nastasja Štefanić, Marjana Krajač, Zee Hartmann / Translation: Ivana Ostojčić / Graphic Design: Valentina Toth / Photographers: Tjaša Kalkan, Karla Jurić, Robin Martin / Volume: 108 pages / Published in Zagreb, August 2018 / Published by Sodaberg Koreografski Laboratorij Press / Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic Croatia / Print: Stega Tisak Zagreb / ISBN 978-953-58939-1-2 / Available at: (Zagreb, Croatia) and (Berlin, Germany)