Marjana Krajač is a choreographer based in Zagreb and working across Europe.

Her works are dynamically concept-oriented, providing intriguing and engaging choreographic landscape. Her approach to choreography unites a poetics of dance expertise, invested choreographic thinking and deep understanding of the nature of a dance medium. She created more then 20 choreographic works on different companies and formats.

In 2014 she was awarded with two awards; Croatian Theatre Award for the outstanding choreographic achievement and Annual Award of the Croatian Dance Artists Association for the choreographic achievement of the year. In 2015, dance ensemble of her durational choreography Variations on Sensitive was awarded as the best dance achievement of the year.

In 2011 she was selected as Choreoroam Europe Artist (by CSC Bassano del Grappa – Opera Estate Festival, The Place London, Rotterdam Dansateliers, a-2/Certamen Choreography Paso de Madrid and Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance), in 2008 her work was selected for danceWEB Europe Co-production Program and she was as well recipient of a danceWEB Vienna scholarship in 2002.

Her dance education journey started at the young age with first ballet classes and continued then at the State School for Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić in Zagreb. This profound state school has a strong footing in the teachings of Rudolf Laban and Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, with strong focus on music education and choreographic systems. She continued her education at the Academy of Performing Arts in Berlin where she was immersed in to diverse ballet, modern, contemporary and post-contemporary dance approaches and with the strong emphasis on classical ballet. Afterwards, she expanded her studies towards philosophy, theology and history at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin.

She collaborated and danced for and with numerous choreographers in Berlin, France and Croatia. She danced for renowned Grupe Dunes in Marseille, France, which importantly formed her thinking about the processes of creation and has participated in the research projects with choreographers such as Meg Stuart and Mårten Spångberg. Her knowledge was also formed by some of the relevant masters of European dance like prima ballerina and John Cranco’s leading dancer Ms. Marcia Haydée and Croatian avant-garde choreographer active during ’60s & ’70s, now deceased, Ms. Milana Broš.

In 2015 she was a jury member of Ana Roje Award, the yearly award of the Ballet of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

Connecting her journey of comprehensive dance education with the broad scope of creating in the ballet and dance field, Marjana Krajač shaped profound understanding of origin, appearance and future of the choreographic. Her choreographic profile reads itself as a book about traces, progresses and reformulations, connecting contemporaneity with the classical, always anchored in the everlasting modernism. Her works are often vividly connected to the relevant composers and authors of contemporary music and many of her recent works are directly created in collaboration with them.

Marjana also writes about dance and choreography related subjects, and some of her texts have been published in New York’s Movement Research Performance Journal, Croatian Performing Arts Magazine Frakcija and Croatian Journal for Dance Art Kretanja.

She worked for and with numerous regional and international venues, theatres and festivals.

Her recent work, a main stage ballet for 16 dancers titled Dark Landscapes, created for State Ballet of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, premiered in November 2016 and is in 2017/2018 repertoire.